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Emporia 3GS Connect: Hands-on photos

Emporia is the Austrian company perhaps best known for the angular RL1 from Vodafone and similar phones which are aimed at the more senior end of the market. At Mobile World Congress last week we got to have a quick play around with a concept model for the forthcoming Emporia 3GS Braingym.

A stylish flip phone, the Emporia 3GS is easily the most advanced phone that Emporia has devised yet. Like all of Emporia’s previous phones, features such as a torch/flash light, camera key and volume are controlled with chunky, tactile keys. On the Emporia 3GS these are built in to the sides of the phone, positioned to allow for quick, direct access.

Other features of the Emporia 3GS Braingym includes a 2.8-inch colour display include a 3-megapixel camera, a GPS antenna and 3G connectivity.

We understand that the main focus of the latter two features is to allow for easier location of the user, tying in with the ICE (In Case of Emergency) features of previous Emporia phones. As well as coming with an alarm function that’ll let your top five emergency contacts know you’re in trouble, the satellite antenna and 3G will also let people know your approximate location.

Another change that’s coming to the Emporia line-up with the Braingym is games. It ought to be known that these aren’t ‘games’ in the strictest sense, more brain training exercises. This suite of pre-installed games has been developed by Plejaden, a company specialising in making brain activity games. Designed to keep the mind active and help those with dementia, Emporia has worked with Plejaden to transpose its big screen games onto the 3GS Braingym’s screen.

The Emporia 3GS Braingym isn’t expected to arrive on shelves until later in the year nor is there an RRP available just yet. We’ll keep you posted once we hear more.



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