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Enjoy your music through the magic of Venn diagrams

When you have 32GB-worth of music on your mobile phone, iPod or whatever you kids are using to listen to your tunes these days, scrolling through your library of artists can be tedious and time consuming.

Enter Sonarflow for iPad, which displays your music library through everyone’s favourite medium: the Venn diagram. It arranges artists by genre and places them in overlaps where appropriate – which can make for interesting browsing. I didn’t realise so much country and folk music could be calssified as metal and punk as well.

The long and the short of it is, if your artist labeling isn’t up to scratch you won’t get the most out of the app. And you might find yourself with an embarrassingly large metal/punk section, as did. Not to mention an overflowing ‘other’ section.

Using the pinch gesture, you can zoom in on areas of the screen to see what artists are listed where, and double tapping a specific artist or ‘bubble’ sets the music playing. It plays through the iPod app so you can go out of Sonarflow to do other things on your iPad at the same time.

As it is, Sonarflow is a fairly basic app. We’d like to be able to change the colours of the bubbles, and even customise the background. It’s a shame you can’t build playlists or explore new artists as you can with the web version of the app, but perhaps that’s functionality that we’ll see in the future. But as it’s a free app, it’s worth a try if only for a change from the boring old iPod library.


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