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Etsy accessories: Beautiful handmade stuff for your phone

We’re not averse to phone-related crafting here at Recombu, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and let someone else do the hard work. So sit back, relax and do nothing more strenuous than a spot of reading and a little bit of clicking and the following delicious, hand-crafted accessories can be yours.

These gorgeous wooden docking stations are made to order from different types of wood, so you’ll come away with a one-of-a-kind dock for your oh-so-generic iPhone. This particular one is cedar, with a standard USB data cable installed so you can either plug it in to your computer’s USB port or an Apple charger. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any carefully concealed speakers built in, but you can’t have everything. It’ll cost you around £56 (that’s $92 including $14 shipping) – and a wait of at least two to three weeks.

There are any number of phone cases on Etsy, ranging from the brilliantly geeky to the really rather bad, but we found ourselves drawn to this hand-stitched felt case which ticks all our boxes – the boxes in question being cuteness, fuzzilyness, retro-value and the fact that we like pianos. Obviously as it’s just felt, it’s not the sturdiest case in the world but will protect against scratches and look nice at the very least. It’s not exactly cheap though, selling for £22 including shipping.

Nobody but nobody uses phone charms, right? I mean, outside South East Asia or the age range 8-13? I could probably be persuaded to put up with the annoyance of having a jangly little thing hanging off my phone and getting in my way if it was as cute as these hand-sculpted Star Trek charms are. If Star Trek isn’t your thing, sculptress iKtizo also does deliciously cute Chococat, Totoro and Zelda characters, among others. Now all we need to do is write to Apple and ask them to include a phone charm hook on the next iPhone.Yours for around £4 including shipping.

White headphone wires are so 2001 but these hand-wrapped lace wires are the perfect alternative. Looking and acting like shoelaces, it’ll be much easier to extricate yourself from those frustrating tangle-filled messes that headphones inevitably end up in, and you can customise the colours so you’ll get exactly what you want. The only downside is that you’ll be stuck with headphones that aren’t exactly top-of-the-range quality for the £14 price.

There are some truly awful phone decals out there, we urge you to stay away from these tribal affairs for example, but there are some quite lovely ones too. This one designed by axelhoney will give your boring black box of a phone a floaty dreamy feel, and it’s non-permanent so there’s no lasting damage when you grow out of the floaty-dreamy phase. Or, for something a little less invasive and a little more fun, go for a cell phone moustache and hilarity will no doubt ensue. Prices range from around £1.80 to £15

A classier version of those phone deckchairs, this stylish walnut phone stand is perfect for the high-flying executive in your life. They can command conference calls, check stocks or just kick back and watch a spot of video with their phone at a decent angle. Could also double as a handy paperweight – all this functionality for just £17 including shipping! It’s a steal.