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Everything Everywhere: Orange and T-Mobile’s super-network

It’s official: Everything Everywhere is the new name for the company handling Orange and T-Mobile’s merged super-network. We can’t say we’re not dissapointed that it’s not going to be called Orange T.

It’s worth noting that both networks will continue to exist as separate entities, so you won’t be seeing iPhones or HTC Desires on Everything Everywhere contracts.

Orange and T-Mobile customers will essentially be sharing one giant super-network which will see them benefit from greater coverage and improved reception. The network merger is due to be completed by the end of the year, although no specific date has been announced yet.

Based on current figures, the Everything Everywhere super-network will serve 30,229 million customers, based on the 17,303 million and 12,996 million customers currently served by Orange and T-Mobile respectively.

The press release mentions “acceleration in new markets” and Tom Alexander, Chief Executive of Everything Everywhere is quoted saying:

“Up until a few years ago, mobile was just about voice and text – not now. Multimedia phones have already started to change the way our customers access the world – for entertainment, education, information – wherever they are, whenever they want.”

We hope that this means investment in faster mobile broadband speeds – perhaps even 4G speeds. We contacted Orange for some clarification on this and we were told to expect an update in July.


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