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Ex-Vertu designer working on luxury smartwatch

It’s easy to excite the techie early adopters of Recombu, often simply by dangling the mere idea of a shiny new smart-bauble before our wide-open eyes. So when we catch wind that the ex-designer of Nokia’s Vertu luxury mobiles, Frank Nuovo, has teamed up with Metawatch to create an all-new combination of our two favourite things, smartphones and wrists, the whole office descends into a state of gibbering delirium.

Metawatch's current, non-luxury smartwatch

Yes, after seeing the likes of Sony, Sonostar and Pebble rolling out their own wrist-adorning efforts this year and, of course, awaiting those that Apple and Google have promised for 2014, we can now look forward to Frank and the team at the formerly Fossil-owned Metawatch cranking out their own digital arm accessory.

Details of the actual level of sumptuousness of said smartwatch are, naturally, currently sketchier than the ‘facts’ in a Dan Brown novel. However given that Nuovo’s previous productions over at Vertu featured high quality hand-stitched leather, precious metals and stones, unicorn horn and price tags nudging £300,000, we’ll assume that whatever appears in the fourth quarter of next year will be little short of aesthetically incredible… and probably astronomically expensive.

What we do know comes directly from the mouth of Metawatch CEO, Bill Geiser, who says that the new luxury smartwatch will come with an updated operating system over the current model, plus a new display and design.

“I’ve been gnawing on (Nuovo’s) ankle for several years,” said Geiser. “To me it’s about crafting beautiful products. That’s a word you rarely hear in the smartwatch arena – the word beautiful.”

Our advice is to get saving now. Meanwhile, it’s back to the gibbering delirium for us.


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