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Exfm music discovery app for iPhone: Find, share and buy music on the go

The perhaps confusingly named Exfm app is nothing to do with radio station Xfm – rather its a neat music discovery service that allows you to see what other people are listening to on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as share whatever cutting edge sounds are currently tickling your ear drums.

It also allows you to play your own local songs, so it acts as a kind of upgrade to the standard iPod music player as well. Thanks to intergration, you can also scrobble stuff to your profile too.

Finally, there’s also the option to buy songs you like via iTunes, provided the band is selling it’s wares in Apple’s music store of course. A neat, all in one way to search for and buy music with a social element thrown in.

You can search for your friends blogs and profiles to see what they’re listening to, or check out the ‘Tastemakers’ feed, which shows you a selection of what other users are listening to at the moment.

This is very similar to the Chompin Android app we’ve covered before, which you can now also get on the iTunes App Store.

Exfm is free to download now and requires iOS 4.0 or above.


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