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Express ecstasy at your own double rainbow all the way across the sky

Very few of us have ever had the intense experience of viewing a double rainbow all the way across the sky. We can’t all be as lucky as internet sensation Yoesmite Bear, or, as most people know him, double rainbow guy.

It’s time to become master of your own destiny – no, don’t jump on that plane to California, just whip out your iPhone and download Double Rainbow: All the Way.

Tilting your iPhone to control your character, you bounce off clouds to collect sunshine and raindrops. With enough of each, you’ll see a double rainbow stretching all the way across the sky. First, snap a picture of it. Then, drop your iPhone and grab a hanky as you’ll need to cry tears of pure joy and elation at the sight.

On harder levels, you might meet baddies such as an actual bear – he looks pretty friendly, but trust us, he wants to eat you up. Just bounce on his head to do away with him (warning: we do not recommend this approach should you encounter a real bear).

It’s silly fun, but fun all the same. The basic graphics and multitude of exclamation marks just add to the meme-a-licious charm. As for what it all means? We’re none the wiser.


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