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Fable III Kingmaker mini game comes to Android and Symbian

We’ve not got an Xbox 360 in the office but that hasn’t stopped us downloading and playing Kingmaker on our phones all morning. This addictive mini game, developed by Grapple and released in anticipation of Fable III on the 360, plays like a mixture of Foursquare and Risk.

When you start the game you pick a side – Royals or Rebels – and set about creating a character and an identifying crest. The crest pinpoints your real-time location, which is displayed in Bing Maps and acts as an in-game avatar.

When you’re done you can start ‘checking in’ to real world locations in town, claiming ‘territory’ in the name of your faction. Tagging your location plants a virtual flag in an area using the GPS of your phone. Your character gets ten flags to plant per day and the faction with the greatest number of flags in an area ‘conquers’ the territory. Territories earn you gold, but be aware that players on the opposing faction can move in on your turf and supplant your income.

There are also ‘treasure’ locations – conveniently located close to GAME stores in the UK – which your character can raid for extra gold if you’re within a 50 metre radius.

The main purpose of Kingmaker is to rack up a stash of gold for use in the console game; any booty you earn in Kingmaker can be used to spend in Fable III. The option to link your Kingmaker account to your Windows Live ID is currently greyed out but we assume that this’ll be rectified by the time Fable III comes out on the 26th of October.

You can keep playing Kingmaker after the 26th, but unfortunately the fun and games come to an end on the 1st of January 2011.

Android and Symbian can currently steal a march on their iPhone owning friends; the Kingmaker app is available from the Android Market and Ovi Store now and won’t be out for iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices for a while yet. It’s our guess that when Win Pho 7 launches either on or after the 11th of October we’ll see the Kingmaker app rolled to all phones then, but no dates have been announced yet.

To sign up head over here on your computer or your phone’s browser to create your profile. You can download the appropriate app from your phone by following the links below. It doesn’t matter if you install the app before you create your profile but it’s easier if you register from your computer.



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