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FableScapes app lets you spin your own stories for children

Children love stories, but that doesn’t mean they have to come out of books. Making up your own adventures can be hugely rewarding as a parent. Not least because it’s an alternative to reading Bob The Builder: Muck Gets Stuck for the 7,468th time.

(Don’t worry, he gets un-stuck eventually. Every single time.)

FableScapes is a new iPhone app that aims to fuel your storytelling creativity. It offers you a choice of settings, characters, animals and objects to place on-screen, then tap to trigger different animations.

It’s a cracking idea, but in its current form doesn’t quite meet up to expectations. Choosing between Pirates and Knights & Wizards isn’t too bad, but for this to really shine, it needs dozens more characters and a bit more control over the animations triggered – right now, they just cycle between a few, rather than letting you choose when they, say, talk or fight.

Oh, and this would be great as a native iPad app, for the bigger screen size. Even so, the developers of FableScapes are onto something: I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of idea taken on by the likes of Disney or Nickelodeon to help parents tell their own stories with their characters.


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