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Facebook and Twitter: What is your mobile thinking?

Before you break out the toolbox and get all MacGyver with your laptop and a wristwatch, there is an easier way to get Twitter or Facebook access on the go. If you can’t face downloading apps or buying a new phone then visit and using your phone’s browser. These simple mobile sites give you access to status updates, among other features, but you can’t do anything fancy.

Depending on the complexity of your mobile’s browser you may also be able to access the full Facebook and Twitter sites but if the default browser isn’t up to scratch then try Opera Mini. Opera Mini is an impressive third party mobile browser that will work on most phones and can be downloaded by visiting using your phone’s existing browser.

If the above options still don’t quench your social networking thirst then you’ll need a dedicated app. Different phones support different apps but here’s a quick selection of some of our favourites: TweetDeck (iPhone), Tweetie (iPhone), Gravity (Nokia S60), twidroid (Android), UberTwitter (BlackBerry), Facebook (iPhone), Facebook (BlackBerry) and Snaptu (Nokia + Java).

Still not satisfied? Then you’re going to need a new phone. When it comes to social networking we currently recommend the iPhone 3G or 3GS, the HTC Hero or Magic and the Nokia E71 or N97. If you want a fully integrated system then INQ, the company behind the INQ1, is about to launch two new phones that combine Facebook and Twitter with your phonebook. Take that, MacGyver.


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