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Facebook App Center introduced for web and mobile

Facebook has just announced Facebook App Center, where users can discover and download apps not only via their browser, but through the iOS or Android Facebook applications on their mobile devices.

If you’re at all familiar with Facebook, chances are you’ve come across some Facebook applications. There’s an ever-increasing library of canvas and HTML 5-based apps which can run within the pages of the social network, including Flixster and Farmville.

Facebook App Center

Facebook App Center acts as a portal for users to browse apps, each has its own app-detail page with more information, alternatively if an app needs to be installed the user is sent to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Developers will also be offer paid applications alongside free and freemium apps currently available (such as FarmVille with its in-app purchases).

Interestingly the way in which the success of an app is governed will differ from the likes of the mobile app marketplaces. Facebook App Center apps will be judged on criteria solely dictated by the end user.

How often an app is used;  the frequency at which users tend to access an app and of course how many downloads an app receives will all contribute to how successful it appears in the App Center rankings.

Developers wishing to harness the potential of the Facebook’s App Center will need to follow strict guidelines before their applications are approved, but with 900 million users worldwide and many of them able to access Facebook from a mobile device as well as a computer, there’s good incentive for companies to develop new apps to flesh out the service.

Facebook is currently inviting app developers to submit apps, so no official date has been set we’ll launch. We’ll bring you more news when we get it.


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