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Facebook for Android adds chat features and push notifications for Android 2.2/Froyo phones

Facebook for Android has just updated to the latest version (that’s 1.5 for those who’re counting) bringing Facebook’s chat feature to Android phones.

Those rolling with Android 2.2/Froyo now also benefit from push notifcations of things like messages and likes. So hopefully we’ll see an end to the days when you get “You Have 3 New Messages” popping up in the notif bar when in actual fact, you read those messages two days ago.

The chat/IM feature however should work on all current Android phones. We’ve played around with it and found that it works well. It takes a little while for the list of available people to populate the first time you try it out, so be patient with it.

This is another little step which brings the Android Facebook experience closer to the real thing and (whisper it) the Facebook iPhone app.

You can download Facebook for Android from the Market now.


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