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Facebook for Android update: Tag friends in pictures, places in posts and more

Being able to tag friends in Facebook photo uploads from our phones is great. It’s a feature that’s coming to all Windows Phone 7 phones with the Mango update and something that we’ve been looking forwards to seeing on the Android Facebook app for quite a while now…

Anyway, the wait is over; you can tag people’s names in photos as you upload them from your phone in version 1.7.0 of Facebook for Android. The potential for spontaneous friend embarrassment has just increased tenfold.

Unlike with Windows Phone 7 Mango, you can’t seem to be able to tag specific areas of photos, like you can do on regular desktop Facebook. Rather, when you upload photos, there’s simply a option which pulls up your friends list and gives you the option to add people by checking tick boxes. So while this is not as visually pleasing as the Mango edition, it’s functional.

You can also tag places to photos as they’re uploaded as well and there’s also an option to limit who sees your updates.

The ability to post statuses and photos comes with an option to limit visibility to just your friends, or make them available for everyone to see, somewhat in line with Facebook’s recent update to privacy controls on the full-fat desktop version.

The 1.7.0 update includes a new design for profiles and group walls, along with a handful of smaller adjustments and performance issue tweaks.

Facebook 1.7.0 for Android is available to download now for free. If you’ve got automatic updating turned on you should have already received this. In which case you should get on with the business of taking compromising pictures of friends now, choosing the ‘publish to everyone’ option when you upload.