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“Facebook for every phone” launches- on most phones

Facebook is coming to an ageing feature phone near you, through its new Facebook for Every Phone ‘app’. Announced earlier this year, the app is now available to use, with phone networks worldwide, including Three in the UK, offering free access (no data charges) for the first 90 days of use.

You can download the app by visiting and following the download link, or by entering directly into your phone’s web browser.

The developers have promised that their new app is optimiserd to use as little data as possible, whilst still connecting users to news feeds, your contact list, messages and photos.

It’s even possible to upload comment and edit photos through the new Java-powered app. Facebook looks like its focusing its new app on countries with less developed data networks (and phones) but the new app could prove to be a hit with Facebook users unwilling to change phones.

The app works on over 2500 different phones, but developers have also said that they will continue developing for even more phones.


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