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Facebook for SIM allows social networking on every phone

Even the dumbest of dumbphones is no longer exempt from the never ending spread of Facebook’s social networking web.

Thanks to digital security firm Gemalto anyone with a GSM phone that can handle text messages will now be able to access the site. The company has developed a Facebook client that runs entirely on SMS and allows you access status updates and notifactions, data connection or not.

This means those wanting to save money by avoiding data but still want to social network will now be able to on the go. Amazingly the SMS based client allows you to see friend requests, status updates, wall posts and messages.

By using the SIM Toolkit Gemalto has succeeded in bringing Facebook to just about every mobile phone in the world. Essentially the system works by silently delivering class 2 SMS messages between handset and Facebook. It does mean plenty of messages are going to be sent so exactly what networks are going to do remains to be seen.

Despite being incredibly simple compared to that of its data based Facebook client contemporaries, the SIM powered option could bring massive amounts of connectivity to developing countries lacking data networks.

Facebook’s head of mobile business has said “Gemalto has developed a creative solution in Facebook for SIM that enables people without mobile data plans to stay connected to their friends on Facebook in an affordable way”

This could be the answer for those who need nothing more than Facebook in their mobile lives. Either that or one of the new Facebook phones.


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