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Facebook iPhone app finally gets an iOS 4 update

Better late than never, I guess. Facebook has just updated its iPhone app to version 3.1.4, which will have Koreans and Russians dancing in the streets at news that it’s now been localised for their languages. And the rest of us? Oh, y’know, just iOS 4 functionality.

Yes, a week and a half after Apple’s new software went live, Facebook has gone iOS 4. Specifically, it supports the Fast App Switching API, so you can flick in and out of it more quickly when using other apps. It also promises – wait for it – high-resolution icons, to make use of the new iPhone 4’s screen.

Other than that, it’s just minor bug fixes. Hopefully Facebook is beavering away on a comprehensive 4.0 update for the app, since it hasn’t had a big makeover since August last year.


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