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Facebook launches Messenger chat app

Facebook has launched a new, chat-focussed version of its mobile app, finally bringing Facebook chat to the gaggles of smartphone users who might otherwise have had to use their phones for – well – phone calls.

Simply called “Messenger”, the app delivers typed messages through notifications and texts, and can be used to chat with friends whether they’re on Facebook or just in your phone’s regular contacts list. Conversations from Messenger will be stored in your Facebook profile’s Messages tab, for later reference, and the app also comes with location sharing and photo sharing.


The Messenger app will go live for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry sometime today, and will also run on the iPod Touch and the iPad (albeit in the pixelated zoom-o-vision you get from running iPhone-native apps on the iPad’s 9.7″ screen).

However, at the time of writing, Messenger is still absent from the iOS App Store, with the Facebook Messenger page promising the app is “coming soon”. See what Zuckerberg & Co. have to say about Messenger at the link below.

Link: Facebook Messenger


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