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Facebook ‘Vibes’music service on way?

Facebook could be introducing a new music service, codenamed ’Vibes,’ according to the findings of a blogger and software developer.

Writing on his blog, after using Facebook chat Jeff Rose was curious as to whether it installed a second copy of Skype on his machine. On examining the code, he discovered a small file that had been downloaded called FacebookVideoCalling.jar.

As well as supporting the video calling application announced last week – here called Facebook.Peep – he discovered the installer also supports not one but two applications, one which refers to Facebook Vibes, which connects with a music download dialog.

Could this be Facebook’s future music download service? Rosenberg thinks so: ‘with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook’s upcoming music offering.’ Although Vibes may well be an early code name.

This follows reports earlier this year on Forbes that Facebook and Spotify had teamed up to create an integrated music streaming service, where Facebook users will be able to stream music from Spotify, as well as sharing them with friends. Spotify is of course due to launch in the US very soon with a sign-up page available on its website.

With Google Music in Beta and on the way and Amazon’s Cloud service launching in the US with unlimited storage and of course iCloud launching in the Autumn, there are a host of music streaming and storage options to choose from. It remains to be seen which will be victorious, but it’s certainly good news for the consumer to have more and more options to choose from.

Source: Telegraph


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