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Faithful port of Dragon’s Lair hacks and slashes its way to the Android Market

Our memories of Dragon’s Lair as young ‘uns are pretty vivid. We remember being seduced by the big cartoony graphics of the arcade machine and lining up to give it a go.

It was hard. We died a lot, often running out of 50p coins before we ever managed to make any real kind of progress.

Thankfully, a faithful port of the Laserdisc original has arrived in the Android Market, courtesy of Digital Leisure. Costing £3.22 – almost certainly a fraction of what we spent on the original – we can now get on with the game without maxing out ten credit cards.

For those unfamiliar, the arcade classic was co-developed by animator Don Bluth, and as such the visuals had a quality about them that was on par with feature-length animated films of the day.

Compatible with a huge number of Android phones (the notes say it’ll work with anything running 1.5 and up), Dragon’s Lair retains all of the original animation sequences.

As such it weighs in at a whopping 25.09MB though. So older phones with low internal memory ought to check for space. It’s a Wi-Fi only download deal too – probably just as well if you’re on a capped data plan.

Have a watch of the clip below for a jaunt down memory lane before heading over to the Market.

Source: Android Police


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