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Falcon Pro for Android update adds multi-account support and themes

Falcon Pro is definitely one of our favourite Twitter clients for Android, so it’s great to see the app finally hitting version 2.0. The update brings some welcome new features, including new themes, support for multiple Twitter accounts, and animation tweaks.

The Twitter client previously only came with one default, grey theme. Falcon Pro has added two new options: a totally black theme designed for AMOLED displays, and a white theme. Support for multiple accounts has also been added, a nice addition for those juggling personal and work accounts.

There are also several animation tweaks that add to the overall experience. As you go to write a new tweet, for example, the composition box will slide down from the top of the app. Jumping in and out of tweet details also brings a transition animation as opposed to a harsh cut away. They’re very simple tweaks, but also very effective.

Android Beat notes that Falcon Pro still doesn’t have support for push notifications, but there’s not much the developer can do given the API limits that Twitter currently has in place. The app does have granular controls for syncing and refreshing tweets, though, as well a dedicated sync timer for mentions and interactions. Even without push notifications, Falcon Pro is still one of the best Twitter clients around – give the latest version a shot if you haven’t done so already.


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