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Falling Fred splats onto the iPhone and iPad

Falling Fred is is pretty self-descriptive; you play as Fred, and you’re falling.

But you at least have some say in how you fall, using the iPad’s built-in gyroscope. Tilt to guide Fred vertically and horizontally, away from walls, air vents, pipes, and buzz saws.

It does make you start to wonder what sort of building this poor guy is falling through.

It’s got the parental advisory stamp on it, so no playing unless you’re over 17; and it’s as grisly as any other comically violent flash or console game.

The gyroscope controls are responsive and subtle, any bumps and cuts are your own fault, not the controls, which is sometimes rare in these tilt-action games.

Mess up, and arms can come off, and your head seems to take the brunt of the beating- too many hits on the noggin and it’s game over. Collect letters while tumbling down and you’ll be rewarded by points and braggin rights- you can also share your best falls online through both Facebook and Twitter, while replays of your most grisly ends are also saveable.

It’s an enjoyable time waster- and at only 59p there’s more than enough to entertain at that price- there should be 20 different obstacles- we haven’t got good enough yet to get down far enough to find all those just yet.


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