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Fancy Cats Review (iOS): Meet the new Neko Atsume, with bonus cosplay!

Fancy Cats game review for iPhone: If you’re bored of Neko Atsume, it’s time to throw out the old kitty litter and check out Fancy Cats, a cat collecting mobile game that adds Match 3 gameplay as well as cat cosplay. Here’s our Fancy Cats review (iOS).

We’ve already mastered the uber-cute Neko Atsume, as you may well know if you’ve checked out our Neko Atsume tips and tricks or our guide to collecting rare Neko Atsume cats. But while we’re hungrily waiting for Neko Atsume 2, All 4 Games has nipped in with the equally fluffy Fancy Cats, an iOS game that combines cat collection and cosplay with Match 3 mini-games.

Fancy Cats is a mish-mash of a few different game genres, with cat collecting and dress-up at its heart. The overall objective is to amass a huge collection of cute and personable kitties, and pimp them out with tiny clothes and accessories, from hats and glasses to bling and fake wings. The higher your level, the more accessories and outfits you can unlock and purchase.

Keep your cats happy and they’ll reward you with coins and gems, which in turn can be used to buy more outfits in the store. You can also win gold and gems in Fancy Cats’ Match 3 mini-games, as well as fish to feed your hungry kitties.

The Match 3 games are a big part of Fancy Cats, so if you’re sick to the back teeth of the genre, then you should probably stick with Neko Atsume for now. Personally, we welcomed the addition of these mini-games, which helped to keep our brains ticking over when we weren’t gazing adoringly at our newly-acquired felines.

A typical game tasks you with dropping a set number of mystery boxes to the bottom of a grid, by matching three or more colourful objects in a row. Match four or more and you’re rewarded with a super-explosive object, which wipes out an entire row or column when detonated. Come the end of the round, any boxes you managed to drop will be opened and the rewards inside dished out.

Occasionally Fancy Cats mixes things up too. You might find yourself matching up different coloured fish to replenish your stocks, for instance, or trying to blast your way through otherwise immovable blocks.

When you collect enough gems and coins, you can expand your cats’ realm into a multi-screen environment with different seasons to suit each type of cat. And Fancy Cats is big on the social aspect too, rewarding you for linking up to your Facebook account and inviting your mates to play. By doing so, you can take snaps of your kitties at play and share them with the world, while checking out other players’ fuzzy families.

Fancy Cats’ feline cast is packed with personality, just like their Neko Atsume counterparts. They’ll roll around to get your attention, chase each other across the screen and even talk to you via tiny speech bubbles. If you have any love for cartoon cats, you’ll fall in love instantly. And if you don’t mind a bit of Match 3, then Fancy Cats is well worth a look.

You can pick up Fancy Cats in the App Store for your iPhone right now.


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