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Farmville for iPhone is out now

Barnstorming Facebook game Farmville has been released for iPhone today, to tie in with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 handset. The game, made by US developer Zynga, has more than 75 million players on Facebook. Now they can take their virtual farms with them on their iPhones.

The game was announced earlier this month at Apple’s WWDC conference. The iPhone version syncs up with Facebook, so if you’ve spent the last year building your perfect bucolic paradise, it’ll be imported the first time you play on your iPhone. But don’t worry, if you’ve resisted so far, you can start a new farm too.

If you’re new to Farmville, the game involves buying seeds to grow crops, and earn money by harvesting them to buy more seeds and improve your farm. Over time, you can add vehicles like tractors, as well as diversify into cows, sheep and pigs. The social elements let you trade with your Facebook friends to grow faster, and Zynga has a couple of exclusive items in the iPhone version of Farmville, including a snow leopard.

The game is free to download, although like the Facebook version, the intention is that players will pay for virtual coins to improve their farms faster – 7,500 coins costs you £2.99.


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