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Facebook Messenger for iOS gets VoIP calling in the UK

Facebook Messenger for iOS with VoIPIn the constant pursuit to expand its social networking reach, Facebook has set its sights on bringing VoIP calling to the mobile experience in 2013 and this functionality is now on track to hit iOS users in the UK.

Full video calling originally came to back in mid-2011, utilising a Skype-powered plugin for its audio and video feeds. It then wasn’t until the start of this year that users in the US and Canada were able to take that same VoIP functionality and make use of it on their smartphones. The newest feature was originally exclusive to those regions but today, Facebook has announced that the same VoIP option will grace iOS devices in the UK.

We haven’t yet received the update ourselves, but the underpinnings for the service are already in place. From within the Facebook Messenger app, head to any contact you wish to call and then tap the ‘i’ button in the top right of the screen. Alongside options to jump to their Timeline and toggle notifications, the option for ‘free call’ will likely be greyed out. Once the service is fully up and running, users will be able to drop into a VoIP call from within the app via this button.

Just as with the existing services of the Facebook Messenger app, any data, including VoIP calls will utilise your phone’s existing data connections, whether that be over a mobile network of WiFi. We quizzed Facebook for information surrounding the release of the same features hitting the Android app, but they had nothing to tell us at the time.


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