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Fed up with Doodle Jump? Go Doodle Fishing instead…

Doodle Jump mania refuses to die on iPhone – the game has so far sold more than five million downloads on the App Store. What’s more, it’s had a wider impact, with the Doodle effect spreading into pretty much every game genre on iPhone. Which is a polite way of saying lots of people have nicked Doodle Jump’s hand-drawn look for their own games.

The latest could be a hit, though. Doodle Fishing is actually a remade version of an existing game called iFishing, which is popular in its own right. It uses the accelerometer to cast your line and reel in fish – everything from perch and bluegill to bass, pike, carp and killer whales.

Okay, not killer whales. Unless there’s a hidden bonus mode we haven’t found.

All this is rendered in colourful Doodlevision, with depth provided by the tournament mode, which sees you earning cash to unlock new lakes to fish in. Equally impressive is the four-person multiplayer mode, if you can round up four people with iPhones or iPod touches (it works over Bluetooth).

At 59p, it’s something of a bargain.


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