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Feed your paranoia by checking crime levels wherever you go

Crime doesn’t pay, but crime-related apps just might. For £1.79, you can get obsessive and check the crime levels around you at any given moment.

Protector – Crime Compass UK uses data from the UK Office of National Statistics and Ordnance Survey to tell you how high a crime-rate the area you’re in has. When you move from a high- to low-crime rate area or vice versa, it’ll hoot at you so you know – it makes use of the compass though, so it’s not compatible with iPhone 2G or 3G.

We’re not sure it’s healthy to worry quite this much about the crime rates of your areas, particularly as whipping out your iPhone to double check them significantly raises your chances of being mugged, but it’s certainly an app that could come in handy if you’re house-hunting – or if you’re a criminal who’ll enjoy bragging about the high crime levels you’re partly responsible for.


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