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Field Goal Flick Kick: American footie fun on your iPhone or Android phone

The transatlantic version of the maddeningly addictive Flick Kick Football has touched down in the App Store and Android Market.

It’s incredibly simple and fun. The object is to hoof an American football between the uprights by flicking and dragging your finger across your phone’s touchscreen. The longer you drag your finger, the more powerful the kick will be.

Wind direction is a factor which will effect the direction a pigskin will travel when punted high into the air. As you progress through levels, you’re taken further and further away from the goalposts. The direction and force of your kicks will have to be more considered later on in the game to avoid shooting wide of the mark.

In case you didn’t get the memo, the Flick Kick games should be filed under the category marked ‘dangerous time wasters’ along with Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, any tower defence game. I started writing this app review about an hour ago. Then had to fire it up again to see just to double check the mechanics of Arcade mode. Y’know, for research of course.

Ah yes, the game modes. The main one you’ll want to check out is Arcade mode, which challenges you to rack up the most points out of a possible 24 kicks over 8 levels.

Three successful goals in a row will see you earn double points for every goal you score afterwards, with the ball wreathed in crackling flames. Three consecutive misses in any one level however will spell game over.

Practice mode is pretty self-explanatory, Sudden Death is a pure skill test and Time Attack gives you 2 minutes to get in as many goals as you can.

If you’ve got a OpenFeint profile you can post your scores online for extra bragging potential. If you’ve not got a profile sorted out already, creating one in the app is as easy as scoring against the Washington Redskins’ 1940 team.

Android users should take note of the size of the app – it’s pretty big 10MB or so. Thankfully developers PikPok have made it so those with Android 2.2/Froyo can move 5MB worth of game data over to their SD cards, making it less of a memory hog.


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