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Fieldrunners HD sets up camp in the Android Market: 62p for today only, climbing to £1.86 tomorrow

Fieldrunners HD has finally begun its forward march on the Android Market; it’s available to download right now for a super-low introductory rate of 62p.

Bear in mind that this is due to climb to around £1.86 – or the current equivalent of $2.99 – at the end of today. So if you‘ve been waiting for the Android version of this, after having clocked the iPhone version all those years ago, then today is the day to buy it.

The premise of Fieldrunners is the same as virtually every other tower defender worth its salt; your job is to place automated turrets in the path of advancing enemy soldiers and stop them from getting from one side of the screen to another.

You get direct and indirect-firing turrets, flamethrowers, weapons that slow enemies down as well as Tesla coil style towers. Not exactly wheel-reinventing stuff, but who cares – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Fieldrunners comes to Android phones (2.2 and above) in a glorious HD format and boasts vibrant, cartoony graphics, Advance Wars style. There’s over 400 levels to get to grips with, ensuring plenty of replay/time wasting value. Goodbye social life!


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