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Filtatron lets you make Moog-fuelled music on an iPhone

There’s a serious news story to be written about Filtatron, and a silly one. Serious first.

Filtatron is a music app that uses kosher Moog Music technology to let you make beautiful analog music. Well, a digital facsimile of analog music, obviously… You can warp samples and live audio, apply overdrive and delay, and record your tunes to share with the world.

There are loopable samples. There are amp controls. And there is smoothly-interpolated delay time for analog-style delay time tweaks. We copied that from the description, but if you’re into all things Moog, you’ll understand it better than us. In short, this is The Real Deal, not just some developer releasing a pale imitation.

That’s the serious review. The silly one?¬†This app lets you make wibbly SKKRREEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW noises on your iPhone. Ace!

Highbrow or lowbrow, Filtatron is worth getting excited about. Your cat may disagree if you fall into the silly camp, though.


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