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Find the best iPhone apps with Chomp’s iOS 4 update

iPhone app Chomp has been around since January this year, providing recommendations of apps based on what your friends are liking, while letting you rate and review apps to get your own views heard.

Now it’s been revamped, with version 2.0.0 hitting the App Store. Its graphics have been tarted up for iPhone 4’s Retina Display, and it now supports iOS 4 multitasking. But the big feature is its vastly-improved search option.

How has it been improved? You aren’t just restricted for searching for app names, but can now enter app types too. Examples given include ‘astronomy’, ‘concerts’ and ‘shopping lists’ – in other words, you don’t have to know the name of an app, just the kind of app that you’re looking for.

Chomp was already one of the better ways to discover great apps on your iPhone, but the new search function seems to be working really well, based on our tests this morning. The new search has also been added to the Chomp website, which does the same job on your desktop.


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