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Find your smartphone – even if you forget to install a phone finding app

We know the drill. You wax lyrical about your darling smartphone. You can even find it if you lose it, you say. Then you forget to install it yourself. Then you lose your phone. Oh no.

Fortunately, as the guys at Ars Technica discovered, there is a Plan B.

I mean Plan B, the app.

As Android phone can get apps installed through the Android market store on your web browser, this clever app from the guys at mobile security firm Lookout pushes a text message from your phone to your email; giving you a clever link to Google Maps.

Better, even, is the fact that the phone will continue to send updates of its location as the net tightens and continues to figure out where it is.

Plan B managed to triangulate our phone barely 20 metres away from our position, whittled down from a 500 metre radius first sent. You’ll get a total of 10 text messages to the email address associated with the Android Market account.

Well worth giving it a try. But don’t worry about downloading it now- save it for when you need it.


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