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Samsung to release fingerprint-scanning phones?

We recently reported on Recombu about how any form of password entered on a smartphone could potentially be stolen by something called Pin Skimmer. However the only alternative offered by the boffins behind the bad news was to use biometrics, such as the hands-on Touch ID offered by the iPhone. But are fingerprint scanning smartphones likely to become the norm? They will if the security concerned Swedes at Fingerprint have their way…

Fingers are the way forward for phones...

Fingerprint confidently predicts we’ll be seeing up to eight new options offering dab-deliberating security appearing in 2014, with one or two of those issuing forth from Samsung. Only time will tell, we guess. Its predictions could come true; as long as Apple doesn’t argue that it invented and owns the patent to ‘fingers’ and get all suey with everyone.

Whilst the unveiling of Apple’s digit-al entry system for the iPhone 5s was applauded from all corners of the First World (and grudging acknowledged from the Second), HTCs own fingerprint sensor-sporting One Max almost passed by the public eye with all the stealth of a quad-core ninja, suggesting that fingerprint security might just be a bit of a fad. But, according to Johan Carlstrom, CEO of the aforementioned Fingerprint, this is only the beginning for smartphone biometric security and soon fingerprint phones will be everywhere.

Whilst Carlstrom naturally has quite a bit to gain from promoting print-scanners seeing as that’s exactly what his company produces, he nevertheless believes that such security is more than a gimmick and that, with an epic array of smartphones competing to stand out, a feature such as a fingerprint scanner would prove to punters that a particular manufacturer has its own finger firmly on the pulse of what the public want.



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