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Firefox 4 for Android arrives: Bookmark and history sync, add ons, oh, and it’s pretty fast too

If you’re one of the many millions of people who has downloaded Firefox 4 for your desktop, and you’ve got an Android phone then you’ll want this. Firefox 4 is available to download from the Android Market for free, on phones running 2.0 Eclair and above.

As well as being a nippy little thing that loads pages with the minimum of fuss (we tested it over Wi-Fi, 3G and rubbishy old EDGE) Firefox for Android comes with some other cool features.

There’s support for Firefox Sync, which allows you to share your desktop browser’s history, bookmarks and tabs with your Android phone. So no more manually sending links to via the Chrome To Phone extension (although we still think that’s cool) as it’s now all done for you automatically. Head over here to set up your Firefox Sync account.

As well as syncing bookmarks, things like passwords and form data can be synced as well, which is an incredible time saver.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a slew of add-ons to mess around with, including TwitterBar (post to Twitter from your address bar) and Reading List (save pages for offline reading). We’ll let you know if we find any other interesting add ons.

The catch? No support for Flash Player. Admittedly, it’s once in a blue moon that we come across a Flash site on our phones that we really want to look at (it mainly seems to be London restaurants…) and we don’t miss not having to look at banner ads. But all the same, we’d like the option of Flash support with any browser.

Firefox 4 for Android is also a rather hefty 13.97 MB in size. Thankfully, install to SD has been enabled, so 2.2 Froyo users can move Firefox across if they need some extra legroom.

Source: Mozilla


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