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Firefox for Android updated: Now supports Flash

The volatile vulpine is back and Mozilla are making sure the latest release for Android is its best yet. The team have spent a lot of time trying to distill the desktop capabilities into the mobile iteration and alongside add-ons and tabbed browsing, the latest version of Firefox for Android has some significant additions to features like its all important ‘Awesome Screen’.

The focus of the improvements has been placed on both speed and efficiency. Firefox now has faster startup and page load times, as well as easier access to features like most popular pages and recently visited sites. The UI has undergone a notable upgrade too, with four main websites displayed as full thumbnails much like the latest desktop version.

One of the greatest additions, aside from faster page load times is the inclusion of Flash, a must have for most browsers nowadays and one of the long standing feathers in Android’s hat over iOS. Flash support means embedded Flash content is accessible as with the stock Android browser, although paired with the speed improvements we can vouch for the greater performance it provides overall.

Aside from general UI tweaks and the speed upgrade, the Mozilla mobile team have been flexing their HTML5 muscles too. With many expecting Mozilla’s HTML5-based mobile OS, Boot2Gecko to arrive in the near future, it’s natural to suspect that they’ve learnt a lot about the language in the process and distilled their talents into this new browser update. “Developers can now create rich Web apps and websites based on HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and other open Web standards.” Last but not least we should make mention of Firefox sync, which allows users to sync their desktop browser tabs to their phones OTA, quickly and conveniently, nice.

The latest version of Firefox for Android is available on Froyo devices and up, for free on Google Play and we suggest you check it out now.


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