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Firefox and EverythingMe unveil Firefox Launcher, looks very familiar

Firefox rebrands the adaptive EverythingMe Android launcher and makes it more Mozilla.

EverythingMe is an alternative Android launcher, familiar in its basic design to stock Android it has one key focus: it’s adaptive. Depending on what you’re looking for it’ll bring up specific apps, change wallpapers and automatically search for content relevant to your query, it’s an interesting concept and one Mozilla is clearly keen to explore.

Mozilla is already an investor in EverythingMe and even used its contextual adaptive search approach to underpin part of what made Firefox OS. Today,it’s given us a glimpse at the upcoming Firefox Launcher for Android, a near exact replica to EverythingMe’s launcher at first glance, but one that’s intended to share a deeper integration with Mozilla’s own services, namely the Firefox mobile browser.

Firefox Launcher

The screen currently available on Mozilla’s blog, gives us a few clues as to what to expect: pinnable apps and app folders, voice integration in search and naturally the Firefox mobile browser in place of Google Chrome.

According to TechCrunch, more information will be shared “once development is finished” and EverythingMe, who continues work on its own launcher has stated that a usable version will be available in a matter of weeks.

So are either of these launchers going to pull away from your phone’s current experience? Contextual, adaptive features are becoming increasingly popular and a launcher of this kind is the first step to creating a smarter, more useful smartphone, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments.


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