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First image revealed for the BlackBerry Milan

Not much has emerged as to the spec of the new device, but from the picture above we can see that BlackBerry are staying true to their loyal fans and keeping the full qwerty keyboard. The Blackberry Milan takes a slider form and interestingly it is speculated it will feature a screen to leave iPhone 4’s high pixel retina display eating its dust.

The curvaceous shape found at the top of the device is in contrast to the more tightly cut edges we see at the bottom of the phone, which could make for a comfortable two-handed experience. It looks like the infamous trackpad has been left out of the design, implying that it will sit within the touch screen, along with the buttons for call, hang-up, menu and back. Given that the device is sporting a juicy big screen and that high pixel content, this would be the perfect spot for these functions.

With BlackBerry 10 OS on the cards and a host of new devices to wear it with pride in 2012, the BlackBerry Milan is certainly an exciting prospect.