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First look: PlayStation Pocket app on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Ok, so the first thing to note is that these aren’t shots of the forthcoming PlayStation Suite on the Xperia Play – that service hasn’t come on line just yet.

Rather, these are shots of the PlayStation Pocket app, the portal through which you access PlayStation Suite content.

This app comes pre-loaded on the Xperia Play and as you can see, has Crash Bandicoot sitting there waiting to be played (more on that later). Titles downloaded will appear here on this widget, giving you quick access to your games from any of the Xperia Play’s homescreens.

A quick tap of the PlayStation controller-shaped icon in the top left launches the full landscape oriented app.

Beneath this, you’ll notice the little bar marked More Games tab – this is the Get Games app, which redirects you to a selection of Android titles recommended for the Xperia Play.

Depending on which game you click on, you’ll either be redirected to the Android Market (in the case of Spectral Souls) or a publisher’s mobile site (such as Gameloft and EA).

Obviously when the PlayStation Suite arrives in full, we’ll give you the full lowdown. Until then, feast your eyes on these pics of the PlayStaion Pocket app doing its thing.

The ‘large’ homescreen widget of the PlayStation Pocket app. You can flick through your downloaded titles here. Tapping on each game icon launches the game.

Obviously, with only Crash Bandicoot pre-isntalled and the PlayStation Suite service not yet live, there’s no additional games under the ‘recently added’ tab.

The PlayStation Pocket app in fullscreen mode. Like the on screen widget, you can flick left and right to browse through your downloaded titles. That search icon in the top right

When you open up the Xperia Play’s keypad, this menu automatically launches. As with Crash Bandicoot, Bruce Lee, FIFA 10, Star Battalion and The Sims 3 come pre-installed.

The first thing we checked out, obviously, was whether or not the PlayStation Suite was live – close, but no cigar. We imagine that this won’t be going live until the big launch on the 31st of March.


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