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Fisher-Price launches family sharing app for iPhone

You probably know Fisher-Price for its noble work making plastic telephones for kids to fling at the cat. But it turns out the toy company also has social networking ambitions.

It’s launched a Facebook application called Moments to Share, which is essentially all about parents sharing photos of their children with friends and family. Now it has an iPhone spin-off: an app called Fisher-Price Moments to Share Mobile.

The app can upload photos and videos to the Facebook version, with captions, stories and dates attached. The app can also pull down photos and videos from your Facebook account, while sorting everything into a timeline – good for new parents with addled memories due to lack of sleep.

Several children can have separate timelines, and there are detailed controls to govern who can see your stuff. Oh, and if you’re wondering why Fisher-Price is doing this, the app “brings age-appropriate product suggestions, special offers and more right to you”.


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