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FishWatch lets you spy on your aquarium using your iPhone or iPad

What do fish get up to when their owners aren’t at home? For all you know, they could be running a high-stakes poker syndicate, or bullying the cat, or re-enacting Finding Nemo under the Dogme rules. Or they could just be swimming around aimlessly, of course. But you just can’t be sure.

Now you can, thanks to an iOS app called FishWatch. It’s designed to give you ’24×7 access to your fish tank’, including a live video feed, data on the water temperature, and the ability to turn on and off the tank light, circulation pump and other features.

The app, which costs £2.39 on the App Store, isn’t the whole story of course. It works with third-party hardware and relies on your home having a Wi-Fi network that’s always on. You’ll need the necessary webcam and sensors syncing up with your network, in other words.

It’s a niche. But we know there are some fishgeeks out there who will fall off their chairs with delight at FishWatch’s release.


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