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FitBit releasing two new fitness devices after Force recall

Fitbit to release a pair of new fitness trackers, the Charge and Charge HR wristbands, rocking all-new displays and features.

The Force fitness tracker by wearable manufacturer FitBit seemed like a great bit of tech when it first launched, but unfortunately the company had to initiate a voluntary recall after materials in the wristband caused skin reactions. But it looks like FitBit is having another crack with its upcoming ‘Charge’ wearables, according to reports by Gizmodo, who obtained marketing materials for a pair of new devices.

Fitbit to release new Charge and Charge HR fitness smart band devices
Fitbit to release new Charge and Charge HR fitness smartband devices

The new Charge and Charge HR smart wristbands look almost identical to their predecessor, the Fitbit Flex, but with an updated display that provides more info than just simple flashing dots. The Charge and Charge HR also seem to match the Flex in terms of performance and features, offering a pedometer, sleep monitor and distance travelled monitor, as well as displaying caller ID when connected to your smartphone.

FitBit’s Charge HR also adds a heart rate monitor, something missing from the original Flex that’s now popping up in a variety of phones and smartwatches, including the Galaxy S5 and the Asus Zenwatch.

According to the marketing materials, the heart rate monitor will measure your heart rate constantly using the ‘PurePulse’ system and we assume data will be stored within the FitBit app, which could be hugely beneficial when trying to up your gains in the gym or when you’re out running.

While the Force recall may have seemed disastrous at the time, it appears to have given the company time to regroup and redesign in order to release something which is better, faster, stronger. FitBit hasn’t officially announced the Charge or the Charge HR yet, but with adverts popping up all over the place, we think it’ll be available well in time for the present-buying season.

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