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Fitbit launches Surge smartwatch and Charge wristbands

FitBit has unveiled three new smart wearable devices, the FitBit Charge, Charge HR and Surge, aimed at people with varying needs and budgets.

The latest fitness trackers from FitBit already look impressive as heck, offering week-long battery life and plenty of features, starting at just £100.

The FitBit Charge, which will retail for just under £100, is a high-performance water-resistant wearable which will track your daily activity 24/7 (in our case, how many trips to the bathroom we take). That includes steps taken, overall distance travelled, calories burned and floors climbed. There’s built-in sleep detection and the Charge can also show caller ID on the OLED display when tethered to a smartphone.

Impressively, FitBit reckons you’ll get a full week of life per charge from the dinky battery.

Next up is the FitBit Charge HR, which does everything that the Charge does whilst also keeping a continuous record of your heart rate, ideal if you’re looking to up your fitness game. That constant monitoring doesn’t impact the battery life too horribly either – you should still get five days of use per charge, if FitBit’s estimates are accurate. The FitBit Charge HR will cost you around £119.

The Surge, FitBit’s most expensive model, retailing at just below the £200 mark, is more of a full-on smartwatch than a fitness band with its square display. As well as the full fitness tracking and heartrate monitoring of the Charge HR, the Surge also incorporates a GPS sensor for route tracking, plus pace, distance, elevation, split times, route history and workout summaries.

James Park, co-founder and CEO of FitBit said “Our mission has always been to deliver innovation through exceptional, wearable design in a way that empowers consumers with greater knowledge of their overall health. That being said, we understand that everyone’s approach to fitness is different. With the addition of these new products, Fitbit offers the widest variety of trackers—at affordable prices across all mobile platforms—ensuring that everyone can find the right fit for their lifestyle and their goals.”

The devices will all be on sale by the beginning of next year, starting with the Charge, which launches on November 17th. It’s likely going to give Apple’s upcoming wearable Apple Watch a challenge when it’s released next year, but competition makes the tech world thrive so we say bring it on!


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