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Five luxury phones we wouldn’t even buy if we were millionaires

We spend quite a lot of time here at Recombu HQ musing on how we’d spend our winnings should we ever get lucky with the lottery. Country mansions, Apple tablets and Lamborghinis all make an apperance, but you can rest assured that no matter how exclusive they are, the five luxury phones below would not make it on to our shopping lists.


French jewelry company Ryan has come up with the REYN phone. It was designed for the Chinese market, which some might interpret as a bit of an insult. Made of silver with a keypad featuring a 10-karat synthetic sapphire, the website is at pains to point out that it features no flashy add-ons. Standout features include actual use time of more than a week, 4GB memory, encryption of the phone book, text messages and phone records and, cryptically, ‘anti-harassment of black and white list‘ which we think means you can black list certain contacts so that their calls and texts don’t disturb you. But the real selling point here is the option to customise the back with laser art work. A sign of pure class.

Obsession Collection Aphrodite

“Like a sheer work of art,” the Obsession website brags, “each individual phone is sculpted and crafted by hand.” And it really pays off with this interesting handset, doesn’t it? The Aphrodite comes in a leather hide, handstitched of course, with a handmade crocodile skin briefcase featuring reinforced combination lock and velvet interior. That 2-inch LCD screen is sapphire crystal glass, and sits in a 24-karat yellow silk gold plated casing. The handset is encrusted with 2.1ct cultured diamonds; “each can cut glass with ease” so, er, be careful with that thing by your face. A bargain at just £1,399.


Rework a classic
Ahhh, the classic cover a phone in diamonds or whathaveyou and the nouveau riche will come running. Continental Mobiles has this covered. We were particularly engrossed by the white snakeskine iPhone – genuine snakeskin, that is. Yours for just £1,700.

Folli Follie Gold

Folly sounds about right. This cheap-looking handset is from Fujitsu and Greek jewelry retailer Folli Follie – and you can bet it will cost more than it looks like it’s worth. Our favourite features on this little gem, are the inclusion of a strap from Folli Follie’s newly launched mobile phone strap collection “Reflections” and the fragrance ‘chip’ on the back – which lets you personalise the phone by spraying it with your favourite perfume. If gold is not your thing, the handset is also available in white, black and pink. Great.


Oh dear me, I’ve just got this $1m lying around burning a hole in my pocket. Whatever shall I spend it on? Let me just get out my trusty Guinness Book of World Records and see what it’ll buy me. Most expensive hair cut? Nah, that’s only £8,000. Can’t quite afford to have the most expensive game produced, that’s going to set me back $70 million. Hmm, what about a new phone. Ah yes, this record-setting Goldvish one is $1m exactly. Perfect. They’ve even added on extra bits to cram on as many diamonds as possible, and it’s only made on special request so no more embarrassing phone-snap down at the country club. Excellent.


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