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Flappy Bird gets its wings clipped by creator

The addictive, punishing and amazingly successful mobile game Flappy Bird is no more, following its removal from app stores by creator, Dong Nguyen.

A seemingly generic skill game, mimicking the design of titles like ‘ The helicopter game’, Flappy Bird was certainly not an original title, but made no bones about this fact and still rocketed to the top of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store charts.

Game over

However, it would appear that despite its success, the Vietnamese developer behind the game, Dong Nguyen isn’t all that appreciative of the popularity and fame his game has garnered. Nguyen has decided to remove Flappy Bird from app stores, even though it was reported to be generating $50,000 in advertising revenue for him, each day.

“… I cannot take this anymore”Prior to the app’s removal, Nguyen tweeted from his personal account on Saturday to say, “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.” It’s still unclear what he meant by ‘this’, leading many to speculate that the game had run into legal difficulties, despite a follow-up tweet negating such an idea, but whether it was the money, the attention or the legal issues, Flappy Bird has flown the nest, never to return. At least for now.

It’s fair to assume that although new players wanting a piece of Flappy Bird won’t be able to join the party anymore (unless they have over £55,000), the ongoing ad revenue from gamers who’ve kept the app on their devices will be more than enough to help fund the next title from, Nguyen’s company.

Perhaps, the demise of Flappy Bird was a strategic move? With all eyes on Nguyen, he’s created the perfect stage to launch a new title – the game to follow Flappy Bird will garner a lot of attention, even if it doesn’t boast the same addictive qualities as its predecessor.


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