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FlareGun – send your location via text

FlareGun is a new app that lets you quickly let friends know of your whereabouts by sending a Flare (message) with embedded GPS coordinates.


Install the app on your phone when you launch Flare Gun it uses on-board GPS to pin-point your location in map, with a pin you can drag for accuracy.


Click ‘Send Flare!’ and a pop-up box appears with the Google Maps GPS coordinates, select one or multiple friend’s phone number and hit ‘Send.’

Your recipient then gets a text message complete with a link to Google Maps, which they can then launch to get the precise location and get directions.

FlareGun is an incredibly simple idea that works really well and is useful time and time again.

It’s perfect for those occasions when you’re meeting friends in a new area and are desperately trying to find a street name. Within a few clicks you can send out your exact location to multiple people.

Although the app is only available to iOS users at the moment, it works across platforms, so you can send it to friends or family even if they have Android or Symbian handsets and even iPhone users who don’t have the app installed.


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