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Flash is now available for iPhone and iPad. No, not that one.

Apple and Adobe remain at war over the former’s refusal to allow Flash onto its iOS devices. However, developer Pocket World Software has released an app called Flash™ for iPhone and iPad.

It’s a photography app that talks big in its App Store blurb, promising that it “automatically calculates the ideal lighting and brightness settings for each individual pixel, optimizes it to the highest possible quality degree, and amazingly, does it all without draining your iPhone’s battery like most other [inferior] camera apps.”

In other words, it reckons it makes your photos better, and lets you take them in black&white or Sepia mode.

Not quite as revolutionary as the blurb promises, particularly as in a couple of days’ time, the iOS 4.1 software update will provide all iPhone users with ‘High Dynamic Range’ functionality, a new tech from Apple which claims to make photos better by combining several different exposures in each snap.

Still, you have to admire the cheek of Pocket World Software in getting its app through Apple’s approval process with a trademark sign in the title. Adobe may have something to say about it, mind.


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