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Flash Player 10.1 for Android comes out of beta

The full version of Flash Player 10.1 for Android is finally available to download from the Android Market.

Compared to the beta version it really doesn’t feel all that different, but it’s a bit slicker. One thing we noticed is that more pop-ups (read: annoying Flash ads) appear than before.

Thankfully you can stop your Android phone’s browser turning into a cheap game of ‘advert Whack-A-Mole’ by going to settings within the browser, going to Enable Plug-ins and changing it from ‘Always On’ to ‘On Demand.’

Currently you can only get Flash Player 10.1 on Nexus Ones and HTC Desires running Android 2.2/Froyo but Adobe says that other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Dell Streak will be able to download the new version “over the next few weeks and months.”

[Source: Adobe]


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