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Flash Player 10.2 coming 18th of March to Android 2.2 phones and in beta to Honeycomb tablets

The latest edition of Flash Player, version 10.2, is headed to Android phones running 2.2+ this Friday.

Flash Player 10.2 has been tweaked to take advantage of dual-core Android phones like the Motorola Atrix as well as phones with dedicated graphics chips, like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Flash sites, videos and Flash content embedded on web pages ought to load faster and look smoother on such devices.

Old school single-core Android phones will also benefit from ‘automatic soft keyboard support’ with 10.2.

This allows you to interact “with rich content that requires keyboard input”. Or, in other words, use an on-screen keyboard to type in text fields on Flash websites. We imagine this means you’d be able to play Flash games like Robot Unicorn Attack directly from the stock Android browser too.

Other cool stuff that Flash Player 10.2 will bring will only be seen on tablets running Android 3.0. The upgrade will allow for smoother scrolling of pages with Flash content on them, slicker playback of high definition Flash videos and reduced processor usage – and therefore less drain on the battery.

The Flash Player 10.2 update is due to arrive on the 18th of March, which coincides with Google’s first system update for Honeycomb – 3.0.1.

To see if your Android phone will be able to run Flash Player 10.2, click here to get a list of supported devices.

Flash Player 10.1 is available to download from the Android Market now.

Source: Adobe via CNET


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