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Flexible boosters: T-Mobile’s new pay monthly plans

Flext users will know that T-Mobile likes to experiment with new tariffs but its latest pay monthly system is its best deal to date. New T-Mobile customers will be offered a free ‘flexible booster’, aka bolt-on, with their minutes and texts.

Booster options include unlimited texts, unlimited internet, international calling, roaming, using your phone abroad, unlimited calls to landlines and unlimited calls to other T-Mobile customers. What’s great about the T-Mobile booster system is that you can change your booster option every 30 days.

You can get a BlackBerry 8250, for example, for free on a £20 per month contract with 300 minutes and 300 texts and then choose a booster option, such as unlimited texts. If you get fed up of unlimited texts after 30 days and realise you want unlimited Internet on your BlackBerry 8250, you can change it.

It’s very similar to O2’s SIM-only Simplicity deal, which also offers a range of bolt-ons, but you don’t get a free phone with that deal. Boosters will be made avaiable on a variety of pay-monthly tariffs, including SIM-only ones and if you want to buy additional boosters you can add them for £5.

We think T-Mobile’s flexible booster system is one of the best offers to date. The ability to change your bolt-on every 30 days means you can make the most of your phone depending on what you’re planning on using it for during any given month. The T-Mobile flexible booster deal will be avaiable from February 1.