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Flick Football Super Save gets free version for iPhone

The sequel to the Neon Play’s top-selling Flick Football takes you on the other side of the penalty spot, you’re a pair of floating gloves.

Sliding your finger around the screen will move the gloves to meet the ball; if you guess the placement right. Get to the centre of the ball for a super-save for point bonuses, or even catch the ball outright.

There’s a free and paid-for version- expect pop-ups if you’re unwilling to part with 59p.

The full version also gets four different game modes; 3 Lives, sudden death, bent It and multi-ball. Super Save Hero (the free version) lets you learn the ropes on 3 lives.

There’s also commentary, which can be awkward on the train if you forget to mute your iPhone. There’s a handy speaker icon on the bottom right corner during the game to avoid embarrassment. The mysterious commentator couold do with a high quality recording, he sounds like he’s reporting down a phone-line… Gem’s include; “That ball curved more than a banana.”

It’s surprisingly easy to start with, but once the shots start curving, it gets a lot trickier, and our three lives disappeared quickly. Flick Football veterans will find the game mechanics are actually very different game from the other side of the net. Sadly, it’s still very addictive.

The free and paid-for versions of Flick Football Super Save are available for download now. Get in!

Let us know your top scores- we’ll try to match them.


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