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Flick Kick Football transfers to the Android Market

Flick Kick Football, the insanely addictive iPhone football game, is available to download for Android phones now. Like Flick Kick Field Goal, the object is to hoof a ball into the net by flicking your finger across the screen. The longer the flick, the harder the kick.

Cardboard cut-out defenders and a moving goalie get in your way in later levels, but by changing the angle of your flicks you can swerve shots around them. You get extra points for slotting shots in just beneath the crossbar or past the posts.

Best of all there’s OpenFeint support as well, so you can compete with supporters of iPhone United as well as fellow Android FC fans.

Android users who’ve not yet been promoted to the Froyo Premiership should note that Flick Kick Football weighs in at a hefty 17.91MB. As you won’t be able to move this over to an SD card, this could make a bit of a dent in your phone’s memory.

Flick Kick Football costs $0.99 which at the time of writing works out at £0.62 in the Android Market.


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